Eve (2014) solo soprano, solo baritone, Chorus (SATB) and orchestra, text Genesis, 11 minutes

Cassandra in the Temples (2014) SSAATTBB, text Gretchen Henderson, 35 minutes

Bears (2013) SATB, piano, text Adrienne Rich, 5 minutes

They Used to Ask Me (2012) Treble chorus (S,S,A) and 9 voice soloist choir (3S, 3MS, 3A), text Margaret Atwood, 6 minutes

Long Pond Summer (2012) Chorus (SATB), text Brendan Galvin, 4 minutes

Averno (2008) solo soprano, solo baritone, chorus, oboe, harp, timpani, string orchestra, text Louise Gluck, 40 minutes

Manhattan Trade School for Girls (2007) girl’s chorus and string quartet, silent film score, text taken from film, 15 minutes. WATCH

In Time of Silver Rain (2005) girl’s chorus (with or without soloist), text Langston Hughes, 3 minutes

In Time of Silver Rain (2005) chorus (SATB), text Langston Hughes, 3 minutes

Toussaint Before the Spirits (2003) opera (soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, oboe, harpsichord, 2 percussion, timpani, 2 violins, viola, ‘cello, bass) text Smartt Bell/Spires, 50 minutes

Gospel Cha Cha (2001) solo baritone, chorus (SATB) orchestra, 18 minutes

Cricket, Spider, Bee (1999) chorus (SATB), harp, timpani, percussion, string orchestra, text Emily Dickinson, 9 minutes

Cricket, Spider, Bee (1999) chorus (SATB), harp, timpani, percussion, text Emily Dickinson, 9 minutes

Rain Down (1989) chorus (SATB) and piano, text Mary Ellen Solt, 8 minutes



Shadow Light (2016) solo viola, string orchestra, 16 minutes

Summer Days (2013) Cloud Atlas orchestra, 11 minutes

(2011) cello concerto, for solo cello, harp and string orchestra, 15 minutes

In Time of Silver Rain (2005) 10 piece brass ensemble and 1 percussion, 3 minutes

Ladder to the Moon (2003) orchestra: 2 fl, 1 ob, 1 cl, 1 bsn/2 hn, 2 tp, 1 trb, 1 bass trb/2 perc, timp, pno//strings, 12 minutes

The Voyage Out (1995) 10 piece brass ensemble, 12 minutes

The Voyage Out (1995) 10 piece saxophone ensemble, 12 minutes

Shimmer (1995)string orchestra, 11 minutes

Spin (1994)wind ensemble, 10 minutes

Sky Above Clouds (1993) orchestra 3 fl,2 ob,3 cl, 2bsn/4 hn, 2 tp, 2 trb, 1 tba/1 perc, timp, harp//strings, 11 minutes

Vocalissimus (1991) chamber orchestra: 1 fl, 1 ob, 1 cl, 1 bsn/2 hn, 1 tp, 1 trb/2 perc, timp, pno//strings,  8 minutes



A Supermarket in California (Walt Whitman thoughts) (2016 ) for baritone and string quartet,text by Alan Ginsberg

Winter Solstice Songs (2012 ) for soprano and piano, text by Marcia Falk

Five Men (2009 ) for baritone and piano,text by Elizabeth Alexander

Lullaby/Alleluia (2006) soprano, baritone, piano and digital delay, text partial mass, 17 minutes

Exodus (2006) soprano, violin, viola, cello, harp, text Sam Ragan, 10 minutes

Song of the Silkie (2000) baritone, string quartet, text Laura Harrington, 15 minutes

Lullabies and Spring Songs (1998) baritone, piano, text Langston Hughes, 18 minutes

Slender Wind (1988) soprano, percussion, bass, piano, 4 minutes



Quetzal Garden (2015) for flute, string quartet and bass, 15 minutes

Cello Sonata (2015) for cello and piano, 12 minutes

it’s about time (2013) clarinet, guitar, harp, frame drum, violin, cello, 17 minutes

Sixth String Quartet (2012) for string quartet, 23 minutes

Second violin sonata (2012) violin and piano, 14 minutes

Shukria (2012) for 2 violins, 3 minutes

Of Rain and Gusty Wind (2012) for flute and piano, 11 minutes

Fifth String Quartet (2010) for string quartet, 28 minutes

Deschutz Driftwood (2010) for string quartet (with silent film), 10 minutes

Adrienne and Amy (2009) for violin and piano, 12 minutes

Prelude Variations (2008) for two strings
download the score for violin and cello
download the score for viola and cello

Blackberries (2007) clarinet, cello, piano, 11 minutes

Blackberries (2007) violin, cello, piano, 11 minutes

Fourth String Quartet (2005) string quartet, 31 minutes

Mozart Remix (2004) vcl and harpsichord, 12 minutes

Third String Quartet (2001) string quartet, 22 minutes

The Law of Floating Objects (2000) five flutes, 12 minutes

The Scarlatti Effect (1997) violin, ‘cello, piano, 12 minutes

Black and White (1993) clarinet, piano, 8 minutes

First String Quartet (1991) string quartet, 20 minutes

Of Water and Clouds (1986) flute and piano, 10 minutes



Gin Fizz (2016) solo piano, 5 minutes

Cloud Forest> (2015) solo cello, 9 minutes

In C, too (2015) solo piano, 17 minutes

Lift (2013) solo cello, 7 minutes

Klein Suite (2011) for solo violin, 7 minutes

Red (2007) for solo violin
Download Score

Jane Wang Considers the Dragonfly (2007) flute, digital delay, 11 minutes

Preludes (2002) solo piano, 12 minutes

Cymbal and Spice (2000) for the Kurzweil 2500, 12 minutes